TS Partners, LLC

Services Offered


We assist business executives with their growth strategies. This involves preparation of a definitive written plan leading to a specific goal. Together we design the Company so that we can clearly see what we want it to look like in three to five years. It will encompass characteristics and qualities that are attractive to buyers, investors and banks.

We then conduct a quiet search of companies that fit the company strategy. Our approach is to target specific companies in a carefully planned manner. We engage in a personal approach and exploration of why a combination of the firms makes sense and why our buyer's style and philosophy is acceptable to the seller. We assist with valuation, creation of the offer, due diligence and follow through to the closing.


T.S. Partners has initiated and consummated three industry consolidations since 1985. This included over 50 acquisitions resulting in two initial public offerings and one merger.

We provide in-depth counseling to clients on the entire process of consolidations and growth strategies. This includes research and selection of certain industry segments that have the necessary characteristics for consolidation. We then engage with the client in studying market dynamics, risk factors, preparation of the plan, search for acquisition candidates, execution of the transaction and integration.